Customizable and Turnkey VDI at the push of a button...

Horizon DaaS from Virtual Systems is the only Desktop-as-a-Service platform to offer the ability to deploy full VMWare VDI architecture on demand with no deployment minimums. You can even choose between a full-cloud or hybrid-cloud model. This brings all the benefits of VDI to a “push-button” deployment model and even the flexibility to retain software and apps on-premise or bring them to the cloud as you see fit.

This deployment model empowers your IT department with game-changing efficiencies:

  • Offload the components you want to the cloud and keep the rest on prem.

    • CPU, RAM, Bandwidth, OS, software/apps, Microsoft tools, etc.

  • Put your VMWare and/or Microsoft licensing into a monthly OP-EX model.

  • Partner with a team of experts for VDI expertise.  

  • Utilize all the management capabilities of vSphere and View Administrator.