Customizable Turnkey VDI at the push of a button

Whether you've already deployed VMWare VDI and you're looking for further efficiencies in your architecture or you're just in the initial project planning stage, an exploration of VMWare VDI as a Service is a critical consideration.

VMWare VDI is the only Virtual Desktop Infrastructure that can be deployed in a hybrid cloud model with a VMWare Partner. Neither Citrix nor Hyper-V can accomplish this today. This deployment model empowers VMWare customers with game-changing efficiencies:

  • Offload the componenets you want to the cloud and keep the rest on prem.

    • VDA, CPU, RAM, Bandwidth, OS, software/apps, Microsoft tools

  • Put your VMWare licensing into a monthly OPEX model.

  • Partner with an expert and offload the management of VDI. 

  • Retain all the management capabilities of vSphere